Custom Manufacturing

Inventys manufacturing facility is spread across 7 acres of MIDC industrial land and located in strategic area of Nagpur which is the central part of India. Apart from a 30 to 40% lower labor cost as compared to Western part of India, it is a power plus water surplus area. Nagpur has second largest number of universities and colleges in Maharashtra (one of the most advanced states in India). The city also has many flights daily from Mumbai, Delhi etc. It is well connected by road and railways as well. Docile labour force, large mass of educated people, low wages, and crime-free society make Nagpur one of the best locations for manufacturing in India.

    Inventys Nagpur facility comprises of:

  • Kilo Lab
  • Pilotation Plants
  • Multipurpose Plants
  • Dedicated Plants for Agrochemicals
  • Dedicated GMP Plants for pharmaceutical APIĀ“s and advanced intermediates

The facility houses equipments which include glass lined, stainless steel, high pressure nickel vessels serving as reactors and crystallizers, top and bottom discharge centrifuges, distillation columns, state of the art plate heat exchangers, corrugated tube heat exchangers, hot air dryer, pusher centrifuges, Decanters, ANFD, Plate Filter, Sparkler filters, Hydro cyclones, solvent recovery extraction column, scrubbers supported by various types of pumps and storage tanks. The plant is controlled by an elaborate DCS system to ensure a consistency in production.

The support system includes a utility block comprising of high temperature heating provided by cost effective coal fired steam boiler and thermic fluid heater along with low temperature cooling provided by chilled water system. Air compressor and water softening plant provide the online supply of instrument air and process water. The requirement of pressurized inert atmosphere is provided by an online supply of nitrogen through a PSA plant. The state of the art effluent treatment system supplements the environmental responsibility.

The above set up renders the plant flexible enough to handle multiple specialty chemicals in campaign mode.