Inventys possesses a strong process engineering and scale-up expertise which complements its R&D capabilities. The Inventys Knowledge Centre houses Kilo Lab for

  • Advanced Intermediates (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Advanced intermediates (Agrochemicals)
  • cGMP Pilot Plant for APIs

Inventys multipurpose pilot plant are used for process development, scale-up and process simulation. These pilot plant, located at Butibori, comprises of reactors of varying sizes, distillation systems, filters and HCl absorption systems. The pilot plant used for chemical processing also includes solid and liquid charging, reaction, heating, cooling, rectification, auto and manual reflux arrangement. The pilot plant facilities are designed for safe execution and development of of lab scale reactions.

We have sections within the facility to take care scale up studies of different kind. One section is designed for scaling up specialties requiring batch processing, the second for continuous processes, whereas the third one is dedicated to continuous high temperature catalytic processes. Further, all pilot plant sections are controlled by an elaborate automation system to ensure accurate data capture for better process development. Our multipurpose pilot plant is designed in such a way that we can modify the same easily as per our process requirement.

Keeping the safety measures first, we have separated the area from the rest of the area and the facility is protected by a sprinkler system. The complete unit is handled by quality unit staff at Inventys.