Project Management

Inventys has established a very efficient project management practice. Each project is managed proactively by a dedicated Project Manager to ensure its smooth progress. This capability is a combination of a comprehensive gate-review process in product development; state-of-the-art pilot plant and analytical testing facilities that enable a wide range of investigative methods and a data driven approach; and pilot plants to accurately recreate the behaviour of the proposed process to provide the optimal solution.

Project Management Flow

Initiation Stage
This stage of the project starts from initial discussions and production of the Project Brief, and continues to the approval of the Projection Initiation Confirmation and Project Plan.

  • Project Brief
  • Project Kick-Off Meeting
  • Project Initiation Confirmation
  • Direct communication with customers throughout the stage

Development and Implementation Stage
This stage includes all the work required once the Project Initiation Confirmation has been approved to the handover, launch and go live.

  • Project Plan
  • Monitoring and Controlling Activities
  • Status Reports (including regular meetings with customers, weekly updates, and direct communications throughout the stage)

Closure Stage
Once the product or service is available, actions should be taken to signify that the project is complete.

  • Project End Report
  • Post-Project Review and Report