Contract Research Services

We are able to develop processes based on our own know-how, or to scale-up and / or optimize existing processes for full commercial production. The rapid implementation of technical packages from clients or the custom design of a new synthesis requires good science, expert evaluation skills and a frugal and innovative mindset and good project management which is where we have expertise. Often working under very short lead times, our scientists are trained to focus efforts quickly to develop the process and produce the compound of interest.

Our R&D team at Inventys focuses on:

  • Route evaluation and development
  • Optimization of reaction conditions
  • Quality by Process Design
  • Scale-up
  • Development of continuous flow processes
  • Critical Process Parameter (& Safety) Assessment
  • Polymorph Screening & Salt selection
  • Analytical method development
  • Our lab is DSIR (Govt. of India) approved

Research objectives can include sales growth from development of higher-performing products, cost reductions through yield improvement, sustainability for cost or customer reasons, and regulatory compliance.

Our process research team is currently focused on developing patentable non-infringing processes for the company’s operations in the regulated markets.