IP Management

Inventys respects all intellectual property and strictly enforces its own Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) policy. IPP is an integral part of our business.

  • All Employees sign Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Key Employees participate in the IPP training program
  • We use coded ingredients
  • Controlled copies of documents are shared with employees on a need-to-know basis as per IPP policy
  • Employees are encouraged to follow clean desk policy
  • Restricted entry into labs
  • Recording of experiments by Chemists in dedicated lab books and ELNBs (e-lab notebooks)
  • Electronic documents containing sensitive technical and knowhow information are encrypted and password protected
  • Storage of data in dedicated storage space /Server
  • Access to server rooms is secured and monitored
  • Confidential paper documents are stored and locked
  • External communications related to customer information requires approval from the customer and the management