Quality Policy

We accord the highest emphasis to quality and it is given as much attention as innovation and value creation. Quality Assurance is an independent and autonomous function ensuring that the entire product supply chain works according to company’s standard operating procedures and compliance with cGMP practices. A fully computerised quality control system monitors operations round-the-clock thereby ensuring highest standards of quality.

The Quality Assurance department ensures that the manufacturing facilities and procedures are standardized to provide international quality attributes to the products for every batch through a well-documented, validated and audited systems. Our world-class quality products and facilities, regulatory and compliance systems conform to international standards

Quality Partnership with our customers are based on

  • Services provided to our customers at the highest level.
  • Confidentiality in information exchanges.
  • Delivery on-time.

We keep in mind the highest quality concepts in approving the purchase of raw materials, monitoring production and clearing finished products. Equal emphasis is given to quality related to things like on time delivery, specification, conditions of supply, packaging, labelling, handling and storage, as we realize that all these are important from the customer point of view. We firmly believe that quality must be built into the product, and sincerely work to achieve this noble goal.