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Inventys to exhibit at the Chemspec India on 25-26th April 2018

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Inventys is a research-based company from India with more than a decade of expertise in development, scale-up and manufacturing of products in Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and other Fine / Specialty Chemicals applications. Inventys is part of the MULTI Group which is a leading manufacturer of Intermediates & Specialty Chemicals with more than four decades of experience

Inventys to exhibit at Chemspec Europe on 20-21st June 2018

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Inventys will be exhibiting for the fifth consecutive year at the Chemspec Europe 2018 (Cologne) on 20-21 June 2018. Inventys offers a wide range of chemical reactions in batch or continuous mode from some kg up to several hundred tons scale. The focus on advanced technologies stands for innovative, cost effective and safe processes. A

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