Sustainability means for INVENTYS achieving commercial success on the basis of solid business models in a way that is compatible with meeting the needs of employees and society and protecting the environment and natural resources.

Sustainability is an integral part of INVENTYS corporate strategies and not an add on. Very important are business ethics combined with the approach to meet social responsibilities, this means conducting business by following global standards in an ethical manner and acting with integrity wherever.

Protecting the human rights of the employees and treating them with dignity and respect as well as taking care of a safe and healthy working environment are essentials. Also, for the neighborhood it means INVENTYS operates in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner.

Protecting the environment is the other major task of sustainability. Here we focus on continuous improvement of environmental performance, by the efficiency in using raw materials, energy and other resources as well as reducing waste (more info in the green section). With a long-term view to 2030, we want to reduce consumption considerably to align with the broadly accepted greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Invents is not only focusing on sustainability in their ion battery limits we also monitor the whole value chain and work closely together with our business partners and suppliers.


Innovation & Green Chemistry are core elements of the INVENTYS pathway. It starts in R&D with concepts of maximizing atom economy. The researcher’s design processes that the final molecule contains the maximum proportion of the starting materials. They try to minimize the use of blocking or protecting groups.

Aside the use of feedstocks from renewable sources as raw materials is an important element.

Catalysis helps us to Increase energy efficiency and to avoid stoichiometric reagents. From the environmental perspective, we try to select chemical pathways that reduce intrinsic hazards and the amount of hazardous chemicals.

Also, in utilities INVENTYS is following the philosophy of minimal impact. As example, INVENTYS is using Instead of using coal l to generate energy and steam biomass from the agricultural waste for feeding our boilers.


At the same level of importance, the protection of our Environment and our natural resources is included in the policy.

This policy applies to all of our industrial activities and commercial transactions.

We are committed constantly to increase Quality in products and services and our business processes.

A Management System that complies with international standards has been set up by Inventys to achieve our goals and continuously to increase our performance.

Health and Safety of our employees, customers, contractors, and the society are an integral part of our policy.


We accord the highest emphasis to quality and give as much attention as innovation and value creation. Quality Assurance is an independent and autonomous function ensuring that the entire product supply chain works according to company’s standard operating procedures and compliance with cGMP practices. A fully computerized quality control system monitors operations round-the-clock thereby ensuring highest standards of quality.

TThe Quality Assurance department ensures that the manufacturing facilities and procedures are standardized to provide international quality attributes to the products for every batch through a well-documented, validated, and audited systems. Our world-class quality products and facilities, regulatory and compliance systems conform to international standards.

Quality Partnership with our customers are based on

  • Services provided to our customers at the highest level.
  • Confidentiality in information exchanges.
  • Delivery on-time.

We keep in mind the highest quality concepts in approving the purchase of raw materials, monitoring production, and clearing finished products. Equal emphasis is given to quality related to things like on time delivery, specification, conditions of supply, packaging, labelling, handling, and storage, as we realize that all these are important from the customer point of view. We firmly believe that quality must be built into the product, and sincerely work to achieve this noble goal.