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INVENTYS Research Company – India’s Leading CDMO of Actives, Advanced Intermediates, & Specialty Chemicals

A research-driven Exclusive Synthesis and CDMO company from India – with an established  track record of demonstrated excellence in process development, process scale-up, process engineering, project management, and finally in consistent reliable custom manufacturing of chemicals for Crop Protection, Pharmaceutical, and other Fine / Specialty applications. INVENTYS advanced technologies ensure innovative, cost effective, and safe processes.

The product portfolio is focused on advanced intermediates and active ingredients for the crop protection and pharmaceutical sector, as well as numerous specialty chemicals which find use in electronics and performance materials. Several specialty chemicals are also available for various applications on a Made-to-Order ( MTO) basis.

Founded in 2005,  INVENTYS has expanded its expertise and capacities of conducting a wide  range of chemical reactions at a commercial scale including Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Halogenation, Sulfonation, Hydroxylation from kg to multi tons scale. On site, INVENTYS infrastructure is equipped to handle critical materials like Sodium Cyanide, Hydrazine Hydrate, liquid, Ammonia, various Alkylating agents, Oleum/Chlorosulphonic Acid, Hydrogen at a manufacturing scale.

INVENTYS is an established, reliable, responsible member of global chemical supply chains. INVENTYS manufactures high quality chemicals for its customers globally. This commitment to consistency, quality and timeliness  enables INVENTYS to forge a very strategic  Exclusive Synthesis business with leading Multinationals in their segments having revenues of more than $1 billion/yr.

INVENTYS today is seen as a key  member of numerous global supply chains in the life science sector each worth hundreds of million US$.

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INVENTYS Integrated Manufacturing Site

INVENTYS capacities are WHO GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO450001 certified. INVENTYS has invested in growth, with significant focus on internal R&D, Engineering, Process Automation, and HSEQ capabilities. Today, INVENTYS is equipped  to start a project with the molecular structure and go all the way  to  commercial production exclusively with  internal capabilities. This includes first synthesis at a lab-scale, route scouting, process design, process scale-up, plant design with process safety analysis, and finally set up of production facilities followed by process implementation at a commercial scale.

Exclusive Synthesis Services

  • Agrochemical Actives & Advanced Intermediates

  • Pharmaceutical Actives, Registered Starting Materials & Advanced Intermediates

  • Specialty Chemicals

INVENTYS Specialty Chemicals

  • Acetonitrile and other Nitriles

  • Pharma Intermediates

  • Selected generic bulk drugs or APIs

Process development & design & control


INVENTYS delivers customized manufacturing services as value adding solutions for innovative, established, & emerging Lifesciences Companies, and innovative supplier in dynamic specialty chemicals markets.

INVENTYS provides state-of-the-art competence in process R&D, small to medium scale manufacturing conforming from ISO up to GMP-standards; as well as analytics and quality control.

INVENTYS is committed to deliver on-time, in-full and in-spec solutions, and continuous improvement of our services.

INVENTYS practices responsible behavior towards society, environment & people.

Core Values

Our business philosophy revolves around passion for the science of chemicals manufacturing, being a solution provider for our customers and adhering to fair business practices.

The focus elements are:


Honesty, responsibility, accountability, openness, and respect are the cornerstones of a successful business.

Teamwork to improve competitiveness

The combined effect of each employee’s contributions far exceeds the sum of each employee’s efforts = our aim is to work together with our customers as one joined team.

Sustainability & long-term relationships & mutual Profitability

Customer Centricity is an overarching element. We continuously improve our practices to be best in class, be ecology & economy by innovation. It is the passion for excellence in chemistry that driven our activities to exceed customer expectations.

Management Team - Chairman

Dr. Deepak Birewar

Chairman & Managing Director


Strong track record of hands-on management, driving fast-paced expansion of the company

Chemical Engineer by profession

12 years of work experience in US and 20 years in India; 32 years of success track record

Previously worked with i2 technologies, Dupont (Experimental Station) as research scientist


Honors & Publications

Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in Science & Engineering (1994)

Several interviews in reputed industry journals and served as reviewer for technical journals

Multiple publications in reputed international technical journals

Presented papers/chaired sessions at the annual meetings of AIChE, TIMS/ORSA,INFORMS & IFORS

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D. (Chemical Engg & Operations Research) from Carnegie Mellon, USA

B Tech (Chemical Engg) from IIT Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Leadership Team

Umesh Kamat


Over 28 years of experience in instrumentation, controls and automation systems

Head of Automation team; Responsible for design, development and commissioning of all process automation requirements

Holds M-Tech and Bachelors degree in technology from Indian Institute of technology, Mumbai

Rushikesh Birewar


Joined INVENTYS in 2016; Heads the R&D and product development function

Instrumental in accelerated development of products and chemistry expertise; Responsible for articulating proposals for new projects

Holds double degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from University of Wisconsin, USA

Satish Sohoni

Board of Advisors

Over 40 years of experience in Chemical Industry across managerial positions at Hindustan Lever, Tata Chemicals, Rallis, Hikal, etc

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