Exclusive Synthesis

INVENTYS is one of the leading Exclusive Synthesis and CDMO companies from India. Customer Centricity is the overarching element. We continuously improve our practices to be best in class, be ecology & economy by innovation. It is the passion for excellence in chemistry that dries our activities to exceed customer expectations.

INVENTYS strength is its ability to complete new projects – whatever the size – fast, efficient and right on time. Foundations are best in class R&D and engineering in adapting existing production lines up to setting up completely new plants.

INVENTYS is not just simply delivering products. INVENTYS works closely together with its customers in a relationship that both sides exploit their full potential for creating successful products.

These end-to-end service package INVENTYS offers can be precisely and effectively tailored to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Industry Focus

Crop Protection

INVENTYS is a key partner of the crop protection sector.

There is a constant growing demand for solution securing the food supply driven

World Population Growth

  • Rise in food demand
  • Less farmland per capita

Wealth Increase

  • Increase in caloric intake per capita
  • Rise in meat consumption and need for feed

Productivity Barriers

  • Rise in yield losses through adverse weather conditions
  • Disease/insect migration
  • Water scarcity

INVENTYS is supporting the leading players in the crop protection industry as a service provider with the innovative state-of-the-art chemical solutions for Commodities, Specialties, and Development Products up to AIs.

INVENTYS long-lasting proven experience in Exclusive Synthesis and Custom Manufacturing of active ingredients and intermediates for crop protection is key to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements. We work hard to convert ideas in chemistry into real solutions for the farmer. INVENTYS speak and understand “agriculture.”

INVENTYS assists crop protection companies throughout the entire value chain – from design to manufacturing custom-made products.

INVENTYS integrated site in Nagpur is the backbone to manufacture intermediates and active ingredients in quantities needed during the development up to highly efficient commercial production in the maturity phase. The capacities give the flexibility to react on demand fluctuations which are common in the crop protection sector.


INVENTYS invests significant efforts to be the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies on a global as well as on a local basis.

INVENTYS success in manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates up to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is based on close collaboration, extensive experience in development, and the scale-up of robust, sustainable, and efficient manufacturing processes. In addition, the fulfillment of regulatory and quality requirements is key.

INVENTYS Exclusive Synthesis and CDMO services for the pharmaceutical sector are based on the full range of chemical pathways up to specifics like asymmetric synthesis, catalyzed coupling reactions, etc.

INVENTYS offer is based on long-lasting experience in developing and validating processes incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. IP protection is guaranteed by a strict confidentiality regime.

Quality consists of specifications and standards. Compliance is seen as of intrinsic importance in the management system of INVENTYS. The commitment to the best-in-class quality standards is reflected in INVENTYS numerous certifications.


Chemistry is one of the driving factors in making our daily lives easier and have more environment-friendly solutions. Fine Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals are used to form important components of many end products. This leads to a steadily growing demand of new products which is served by INVENTYS.

INVENTYS range of products supporting these market developments is constantly growing.

In our portfolio, there are products for a wide range of applications for industrial purposes up to preservatives, food additives and molecules used in the field of electronics.

Key element for all these products in non-life-science applications is quality and sustainable supply INVENTYS focus as a supplier to have the best solution for the demands of our customers and business partners.

INVENTYS decades of experience in chemical synthesis, as well as the integrated site in Nagpur, offers a wide variety of solutions to meet all particular needs up to highly complex multistep synthesis to achieve specific functionalities.

Inventys Strengths

Project Management

INVENTYS project teams have the experience focus to take up any information given and to give information & support to our customers which is needed in the actual phase of a project. Key element is to create the most economical and ecological production process for the product based on information provided by the customer. The key contact will stay your direct access to INVENTYS from the start of the project up to successful completion as well as in the maturity phase.

Process Development, Design & Control

Main focus of INVENTYS R&D is to develop the optimal production process for the product. This starts with lab work in gm scale including evaluating, applying route scouting and optimization in later stages of the development to end up with the most optimal manufacturing process.

The process design involves evaluating and simulating minimum amounts of the individual stages as well as selecting the most economical raw materials avoiding dependencies like single supplier. These services are the core activities of INVENTYS team of chemists and engineers to ensure best-in-class solutions

Analytical Services & Quality Control

INVENTYS provides access to a diverse range of analytical methods and evaluation exercises to meet the needs of specific projects. This is the prerequisite for Process Development, Design & Control as well as to guarantee quality as well as quality consistency at a later stage.


INVENTYS is offering the complete range of production services from kg scale upto multi tons scale applying stringent standards such as ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / WHO GMP throughout the entire production process. The optimal production infrastructure of the integrated site in Nagpur ensures that new projects are implemented fast, and our customers get world class support.

Efficient Raw Material Procurement

The customers benefit from the strong backbone of INVENTYS procurement network, which ensures economical, ecological and sustainable access to the required raw materials.

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