Inventys Research Company was founded by Dr. Deepak Birewar in 2005. Inventys strives to provide a dependable manufacturing services to the global supply chains – especially in the Life Sciences area. Inventys is now a well reputed provider of customized manufacturing services for chemicals, APIs, AIs, agricultural intermediates, and advanced intermediates. Initially, Inventys started its operations as a custom manufacturing provider.
Having developed over thirty-six products that include generic APIs and other specialty chemicals, Inventys today boasts of their very own product catalog which they have developed over the past 3 years.
Inventys operates five automated multipurpose plants with fifteen sections.
These versatile multipurpose plants can handle various reactions including continuous gas/ liquid phase reactions, fixed bed continuous reaction, high-temperature catalytic reactions, high pressure hydrogenation, Cyanation at a large scale, etc. They provide state-of-theart competence in process R&D, small to medium scale manufacturing conforming to ISO and GMP standards. Known for ontime delivery, innovative chemistry, best in-class engineering skills, and state-of-the-art automated plants, the company is today catering to clients in countries like Western Europe, the USA, and Japan.


Dr. Deepak Birewar has completed his Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
Dr. Birewar started his career with Dupont Corporation as a research scientist in the Central Research Department – Wilmington DE in USA. He then moved to the software industry to sharpen his skills in optimization algorithms and large-scale math programming techniques. Dr Birewar eventually rose to the level of the vice president at i2 Technologies, Dallas, the USA. With close to three decades of vast experience in various markets and industries, Dr Birewar started Inventys Research Company – A company known for innovative products and strategies in the chemical manufacturing industry.


Inventys offers tailored services based on its competence in handling challenging chemistry and designing state-of-the-art automated plants for efficient manufacturing. Inventys provides real-time monitoring along with advanced process control which greatly helps in reducing RM consumption, minimizing off-quality products, and minimizing the formation of by-products. Growing a product from laboratory stage to MT level production is a complex task and one of our core strengths. We can absorb or develop bench scale chemistry. Scale it up to Kilo Scale safely and efficiently. Inventys can also build a pilot facility if appropriate (or pilot your molecule using our multi-purpose pilot plant) and then manufacture using a dedicated facility or a shared facility (depending on the scale of requirement and type chemistry involved).
“We develop processes based on our own know-how or optimize existing processes for full commercial production. Our expertise lies in good science, expert evaluation skills, a frugal & innovative mindset combined with excellent project management know-how, which is of vital importance for rapid implementation of Process Technology. Our scientists and engineers are trained to work under pressure to focus efforts quickly to develop the process and produce the compound of interest,” says Dr. Birewar.
The R&D team focuses on:
• Route evaluation and development
• Optimization of reaction condition
• Quality by process design
• Green Chemistry
• Critical process parameter assessment • Polymorph screening and salt selection • Analytical method development and more The company’s core value revolves around a passion for the science of chemicals manufacturing, providing cutting-edge solutions to their customers, and adhering to ethical business practices. Inventys has always focused on building trust and ensuring transparency to forge long-term relationships with their customers. “We are driven by innovation, and we strive to continuously improve our practices to be customer-centric. It is our passion for excellence which keeps us going forward,” Dr. Birewar states.

The company believes in the combined efforts of each employee’s contribution. “At Inventys, we follow fair and ethical codes of conduct, and we work as a team to achieve synergy and add value to what we do. Our team is our biggest asset, and we learn, re-learn, and upskill to stay ahead of competition. We motivate our employees by providing them with new opportunities to grow and learn. I believe that if you love what you do, you can achieve more, both professionally and personally.” he asserts. Inventys’ skill to breathe innovation into their products sets them apart from their competitors. The company provides innovative technology with unique and unrivaled chemistry by investing heavily in technology and science. Their goal is to minimize their dependency on China by offering an alternative offering at an affordable price while generating more job opportunities in India.